Who Pays the Tab? The Age-Old Dating Question

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The decision to pay the tab on dates used to be a no-brainer in times past. The man was the provider and cared for his woman financially.

However, since the quest for equality among men and women began, the question of financial responsibility has been asked. The answer regarding who should pay for what has become a little less defined in more recent times.

Nowadays, deciding who pays for what on dates is more a matter of personal preference. Some women are more old-fashioned and prefer that the man pay for a majority of the dates. These women are generally also satisfied with the traditional roles of men in women in marriage-the man provides for the family while the woman takes care of the home.

Generally speaking, the man does still most often pay for a first date. Then, often the man and woman take turns paying for meals and will take turns showering each other with gifts. This is especially true if both the man and women make close to the equal amount of pay.

In some cases, the woman makes more money than the man. If both she and the man she is in a relationship with are happy with this arrangement, she will not have any resentment towards the man for not paying most of the time. This is especially true if this man is more domestic-oriented and also does the best he can with the finances that he has.

In short, all that matters the most in a relationship is that both parties are content with how the relationship is going overall. This is especially true regarding financial matters. If one or both persons are not happy with how financial matters are being handled in the relationship it may be time to address the issue.

For instance, if a woman pays more often than a man-or always pays-she may ask him to treat her to a nice dinner. She may also tell him how much she would appreciate it if he even buys her little inexpensive gifts to show his love for her. When it comes down to it, a woman is happy as long as she can see that a man is putting is full effort into the relationship.

The same is true for a man. If a man knows that a woman is goal-oriented and striving to better her self he will have respect for her overall. He will also appreciate the fact that even if he does make most of the money he knows his woman will do right by him by simply doing the best that she can.

If there are any discrepancies between a couple regarding financial issues, it is best to clear it up before making a more final commitment. If necessary, a qualified budget counselor can be sought.