Brief History of Valentine’s Day and Celebration of Romantic Love

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The acknowledgement of romantic love is a concept that has existed since the beginning of time. This idea became even more popular since the Renaissance, during which time the celebration of romantic love had reached its peak.

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is also a concept that has been around for quite some time. According to one source, the oldest recorded Valentine’s Day poem was published in the year 1415. This was a poem written by the Duke of Orleans written to his wife while in prison.

Even long before the first Valentines’ poem was written, the idea of Valentine’s Day presented itself in various forms. It is reported that this special celebration of romantic love was around since as early as 250 A.D.

The sending of this first poem was believed to be the beginning of the flow of romantic letters, cards, and poems from one lover to another. From there, evolved the Valentine’s card which currently is published by greeting card companies in large quantities.

Flowers, chocolates, stuffed animals, and other small gifts have also become a part of Valentine’s gift giving. Additionally, hearts, cupids, and the combination of red, white, and pink colors have become symbols of this special day.

Other significant events that had spawned the concept of Valentine’s Day in connection with romantic love include the following:

—The date February 14th designated as the first day of mating season for birds.
—The date of the marriage of Greek gods Zues and Hera
—The celebration of Faunas
—Lupercalia (the historical sweetheart lottery: a young man drew from a lot of names the woman who would be his sweetheart for a year)
—The recognition of Christian martyrs who fought for the cause of their faith

The celebration of Valentine’s Day has evolved over the centuries. Couples nowadays will partake in activities such as a well-prepared gourmet dinner and evening out. Other couples will plan an entire week-long cruise to celebrate this occasion.

Expressions of love given on Valentine’s Day long distance have changed as well. More and more couples who are away from each other on this day are corresponding with short love notes and electronic cards sent by e-mail. Other couples send text messages and make phone calls.

Additionally, musicians continue to write love songs for their mates, and for the world to share. Many of these songs have been-and still are-requested to be played by various radio stations.

Many romantic movies and adaptations of Shakespeare plays have been produced as well. This is one way in which the idea of romance is still kept alive today, and represents a part of the romantic love still celebrated today.