Erotic Pleasure: Is it Romance?

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People have different ideas of what is considered romantic. In fact, some people think of sex as a purely romantic experience while others are in to sex for the pleasure of sex itself.

Some people prefer a variety of different erotic pleasures, especially if they are in love. However, not everyone requires being in love as a perquisite for being involved with someone sexually.

For this reason, the sexual experience is different for different people. There is a general consensus, however, as to what is probably considered romantic sex and what is usually considered pure “lustful” sex.

There also is a consensus that sex is different between people who are committed to one another and love one another than sex between two people who are “just friends” or who are strangers.

Sex between two committed people who are in love, or at least are hoping to fall in love may include a variety of different sexual activities.

For instance, perhaps once in awhile they will plan an entire romantic evening out and then afterwards set the scene for a very romantic and traditional love-making experience. Then, mixed in between they prefer a couple of “quickies”.

The romantic sexual experiences between couples might include more foreplay, massaging, kissing, and caressing. Generally speaking the couple is positioned with the man on top or the woman on top. Additionally, they may complement each other and say flirty things to one another, or say “I love you” to one another during this time.

The “quickies” that a couple may have usually are of a shorter duration, and usually involves a “rougher” type of sex. Usually these times involve new or different sexual positions other that the missionary-style or woman-on-top positions. It could include sex standing up, sex sitting in the chair, or sex in other rooms of the house besides the bedroom.

Couples often engage in quickies on a lunch break, before work right after work, or any time where not much time is allotted for sex at all. In fact, many couples might experience more quickies than not in their sexual experience together because of a busy lifestyle.

Sex between two people who are “just friends” (often a practice labeled “friends with benefits”) is often very similar to the “quickies” couples in a hurry may have. It is intended for those who do not want to spend much time on the relationship, but just to meet to satisfy each other’s sexual longings.

Two people who are strangers (or acquaintances) may meet for a similar reason as do some friends. This may be a riskier situation, because of the higher probability of not knowing what diseases the other person may have, or whether or not they would threaten the other party’s life.

This is part of the thrill that makes some strangers want to come together, however. This anonymous sex is more pleasurable to some people than would be sex with a long-term mate.

Other distinguishing factors between what is considered romantic sex and what is considered emotional sex (sex with feelings of love attached) include the types of language used. This is particularly true in the case of different types of erotic reading materials.

For example, the language used to describe various sexual acts and sexual organs is very different in romance novels than in porn literature. Romance novels involve sex that has more emotion and passion attached to it and porn involves mostly the physical act.

In conclusion, erotic pleasure can be both romantic and non-romantic. Either way it is possible to find pleasure from it.