Five Romantic Scenes for Lovers on a Date

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Whether you have been in love for a long time or you and your date just met you will be able to set the romantic mood in different ways. There are many sure ways to “woo” your date. The following are five of the most effective romantic scenes conducive to a loving atmosphere:

1. A walk in the woods:

One of the most romantic of scenes experienced by lovers is the rows of trees and sounds of birds chirping while taking a walk in the woods. Every season of the year accentuates various aspects of nature.

2. Picnic In the Park:

Some couples prefer a blanket set by their favorite shade tree in a park. A simple sandwich meal, fruit, and champagne are often characteristic of this day in the park.

3. A Day (or Night) at the Lake:

For the more active couple, a day at the lake might be in order. A variety of water activities such as boating, waterskiing, or swimming can spice up any relationship. At nighttime you can sit on a boat dock with a telescope or binoculars and observe the stars, planets and constellations.

4. Campfire by Moonlight:

Have you ever sat out by the fireplace and heard the sounds of creatures such as wooperwills and crickets? On the right night cuddling by a warm fire can ignite a romantic spark in you and your partner. The only perquisite of partaking in such an evening is that you both enjoy the outdoors enough to do so.

5. A Night out Dancing:

For the more metropolitan-oriented couple a night out for cocktails, dining, and dancing might be a more suitable option. At these places you may experience the flavor of one or more different romantic musical genres such as the following: salsa music, jazz, or easy listening. You might also enjoy a night of old time rock n’ roll as well.

Of course, a couple can enjoy the timeless traditional romantic dinner settings as well. Many couples have made reservations at a local restaurant or have set up a candlelit dinner at home, or even at yours or your mate’s office (if permitted by either of your employers).

The most important elements of whatever romantic scene you set is to make sure it provides for serenity and/or activity enjoyed by the both of you. Furthermore, it should include at least a few small indulgences, such as a moderate amount of a favorite wine, chocolate, or favorite food.

To further set the scene, you can choose the right gift to give to your mate while present in the romantic scene of your choice. The price you pay for this gift will depend upon what budget you have.

Also, keep in mind that you and/or your partner’s idea of romance may not be the same as the standard idea of romance. For instance, perhaps you and your partner would be perfectly comfortable with celebrating Valentine’s Day at a gaming convention or flea market expo. It is all up to you, as long as the both of you will be happy.