Guide to Romantic Dinner Settings for Simple Dining

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Romantic dining is a practice observed all around the world. It is a celebration of two people together enjoying the finest preparations one of the most basic of human desires-a well-prepared meal.

Romantic meal settings can be simple or they can be extravagant. They can cost a few dollars or hundreds of dollars. They can be arranged right in your back yard or thousands of miles away. It is all up to each couple.

One of the simplest of outdoor romantic picnic settings is the picnic in the park. This special setting is often made complete with a blanket and traditional picnic basket.

Sandwiches, bottle of wine or champagne, and fruits are often a part of this outdoor menu. A more advanced outdoor picnic might include cooking steaks or poultry on an outside grill in facilities nearby.

Other traditions include reserving a night out at a familiar fancy restaurant you and your mate would both enjoy, or arranging for a meal to be made at home. If you choose to cook at home indoors for your mate, you might want to consider some mood-enhancing suggestions given in the following paragraph.

For setting the table you might want to consider using the finest dishes and cutlery that you own. China for the dishes and sterling silver for the forks, spoons, knives, and serving utensils are recommended. Wine glasses and crystal beverage glasses would also add a nice touch.

A red rose centerpiece and/or candles in the middle of the table would add to the mood of the occasion as well. Dimmed lights are also another favorite. You might also want to set out a variety of specialty chocolates for you and your partner to taste as well.

Additionally, you might want to consider the right background dinner music for the occasion as well. Easy jazz or romantic country songs are often a favorite.

Another tip to remember when preparing your own romantic dinner at home or in a park is to keep in mind the tastes of your partner. After all, that is who this meal is for. For instance, if your partner is enthusiastic about basic meat and potato dishes perhaps a beef roast with traditional sides (i.e. mashed potatoes, corn, mixed vegetables) would be in order.

On the contrary, if your partner absolutely abhors meat you will want to prepare that individual a vegan or vegetarian meal. Countless tasty recipes are made available for the meatless meal-lover. In fact, you the preparer might even enjoy some of these alternatives (i.e. lasagna made with tofu, homemade veggie pizza, and meatless tacos).

These romantic meals can be enjoyed on the dates of traditional planned special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary. However, it these special meals can be enjoyed any day of the year-when you decide you need romance.

Romantic dinners can be planned as a standalone event, or they can be added to a part of a longer getaway weekend. Where you decide to go and how you plan your trip will depend upon your level of commitment to one another and how much money you have to spend.