How to Make your Sexual Experiences More Romantic

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Intimacy is more than just sex, and the expression of sex is meant to be more than just physical. If you are looking for ways to make your sexual experiences more meaningful the following is a list of simple suggestions:

—Turn off the telephone and answering machine: Whether you own a land line phone or cell phone (or both) turn it off. The world is not going to end if you do not attend to every single emergency, and every single imagined emergency. Let your self live a little. You will be surprised how fast those who claim to have an emergency learn to help them selves. (Even if a catastrophe did happen while you were being intimate with your partner remember you cannot control everything that happens around you.)

—Appeal to the Senses-Especially the Sense of Smell: A variety of body scents and pillow scents can help create the right atmosphere for you and your partner. Moreover, numerous sensual massage oils can get you and your partner in the mood.

—Create the right romantic setting to get you in the mood: Clean satin sheets, lingerie, dimmed lights, and rose petals are some characteristics of setting the right mood. If you do not have a dimmer switch in your room you can light a few candles or you can drape a decorative scarf over the top of a shaded lamp.

—Talk Sweet to One Another: Saying sweet things in your partner’s ear can help arouse the both of you. Complimenting your partner during sex in different ways can increase your chance of climaxing.

—Reach out and Touch One Another: Soft kisses and caressing, well as touching each other in places that will cause sexual arousal will create the right mood. The more affectionate you are the closer you will feel during sex.

—Think of your Partner’s Pleasure-and Your Own: Put your heart into making your partner happy sexually. Also, it is okay to think of your own needs in the process. Likewise, if you put more into your sexual experience with your partner chances are your partner will be willing to give you the same pleasure in return. Enjoy the Afterglow: The feeling of euphoria and satisfaction after a session of passionate and romantic sex is often call “afterglow”. This is often true especially for women. Men and women both can show each other the appreciation of this good time by holding each other in their arms while falling asleep, taking a bath together, etc. Either that or they might participate in post-sex conversation.

—Be Open-Minded: In order to make the experience between you and your mate more special it is recommended you try new things. For instance, perhaps you will want to try having sex somewhere other than your bedroom. Either that or you might want to experience a variety of different positions, or role-playing.

Other aspects of enjoying sex with your partner include preparation via a variety of preparations. For instance, you and your partner will want to bath or take a shower beforehand, and dress (or undress) for the occasion.

Both ladies and men have their own crèmes, perfumes, and deodorants they can use to make their bodies smell as fresh as possible. Furthermore, when you and your partner treat each other with kindness from the time you wake up in the morning this creates even more of an opportunity for intimacy in the bedroom later in the day.