How to Plan an Affordable Romantic Weekend Getaway

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Weekend getaways are often planned by newlywed couples, but they also are appropriate for couples who have been together a long time. These weekends are planned to help a couple celebrate their love, or to rekindle the spark of romance that was once there.

Some couples are reluctant to plan a weekend getaway because they are afraid they will not be able to afford the cost. Although this may be true, many bed-and-breakfast inns as well as hotels provide weekend rate discounts from time to time.

Furthermore, car rental companies often provide weekend rates that are cheaper that normal. Deals for beds and breakfasts as well as luxury hotels are often found while shopping at home via the Internet. Last minute discounts as well as advance discounts are offered, depending upon the company.

By the way, many affordable hotels and inns are located in smaller towns on the outskirts of major tourist locations. This is a great way to provide your elves with fun and relaxation all in one.

If you have enough funds, perhaps you can plan a tour bus or limo ride as part of your trip. Sometimes you can also board a train ride for as little as $15.00 for a recreational trip.

Another way to cut the cost while enjoying a weekend away is to contact a friend or family member who owns a cabin. Of course, you might want to communicate with others so you don’t run into the unfortunate fate of arriving on the weekend the cabin is full.

As long as you pick the right weekend, using a cabin provided by a friend or family member can be quite enjoyable. Many private cabins are located right on the lake, where you can swim, fish, and relax. You can also enjoy a midnight meal by the campfire if you would like, or take a walk on nearby nature trails.

Another idea for planning an affordable weekend getaway is to planning a camping weekend. This is especially ideal if you and your partner are outdoor enthusiasts. You can either pitch a tent or rent a small RV. Some campgrounds provide electricity and water, while others are just a plot of land.

If you are a couple contemplating a romantic weekend getaway and are wondering if you can afford it you may want to ask yourselves one question: Can you afford not to take this min-vacation?

If you are too worried about finances perhaps you can at least consider a day or overnight trip. Depending upon where you live you might enjoy a peaceful drive through forest roads, or enjoy a picnic by a mountainside. Any extended amount of time you can find to spend away from home will do you some good.