Ten Memorable Ways to Give a Diamond to your Partner

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You are probably already nervous about giving a diamond to your mate, as this stone symbolizes a deep love. On top of that, you are probable waiting for the right moment or the right scenario in which to give it.

The following are ten memorable ways you can express your love for your partner by giving a diamond. These ten ways are described below:

For Men Giving a Diamond to a Woman

—1. Put the diamond ring in the bottom of a wine glass. This is a simple yet effective way to present your love to a special someone. This method of diamond presentation is used quite often, and works best when your partner least expects it.

—2. Hide a piece of diamond jewelry inside a carefully-folded silk napkin. A table setting can be arranged ahead of time in your home or in a restaurant.

—3. Wrap a bracelet around a cluster of roses. This is recommended for a dating couple that has been together for awhile but is not married yet. However, it may be a perfect “love scene” for that long-time couple who needs a relationship renewal.

—4. Create a centerpiece for your romantic dinner that includes a diamond ring in the middle. This is another unique way to present the love of your life with the ring that matters. This would be a perfect engagement table setting.

—5. Put it in a crystal jewelry box. This gift box can be presented while seated at a romantic dinner table for two. It could also be resented while lounging around in a fire-lit living room.

For Women Giving a Diamond to a Man

—6. Hide it in a warm, woolen scarf in a gift box wrapped very carefully. It can be presented to that special someone in your life before you both leave on a ski getaway, since he may also need the warm scarf.

—7. Wrap it and give it with a simple kiss. Handing your man a gift with a small soft kiss works any time-and anywhere.

—8. Place it under his pillow. You can set the mood for romance by making sure you use the finest of silk sheets and pillow cases. He will be delighted when you show him that special diamond made just for him.

—9. Give it along with his favorite book. The bookworm in your life will probably appreciate the reading material just as much as the diamond page clip attached to it.

—10. Wake him up, or give it to him at the breakfast table. This will work especially if your boyfriend or husband is a morning person. Breakfast in bed would be a nice touch.

If he likes to sleep in (is not a morning person) it would be better to present it to him at lunch or dinner. Either that or you can set it up for him to see when he gets out of bed.

These diamond gift-giving gifts can be used to acknowledge the love between you and your special someone on Valentine’s Day, Anniversaries, or even on birthdays. These special gifts can even be given “just because” any time of the year.