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Traits of a Seducer

Seducers are never self absorbed. 1. Their gaze is directed outward, not inward. When they meet someone their first move is to get inside that ….

Love’s All About Chemistry

People who have been swept off their feet know the feeling. Love makes us all feel funny. That sense of giddy disorientation, unsinkable euphoria and ….

Develop Your Personality

NOTE: This is a very long page… but it is WORTH reading. Plant a Garden Daily If coming to work has become an ordeal, making ….

Best Romantic Ideas

1. Get tulips and attach this note: “I’ve got two-lips waiting for you!” 2. On a special occasion, buy your partner eleven real red roses ….

How to be a top flirt?

FLIRTING: “To play at love, without serious intentions.” It is often done to arouse sexual interest in another person. Flirting is fun; it is just ….

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